Electromagnetic Energy from Permanent Magnets Provides Clean, Abundant and Inexpensive Electricity and Hydrogen Fuel to Meet All of Our Energy Needs Worldwide 

 A Clean, Abundant and Natural Source of Electromagnetic Energy for the World.

​More than 400,000 years ago we discovered fire. In spite of our technological advances, we continue to burn organic material as our primary source of energy. The adverse impact that this has on the environment and life on earth is staggering.

KEDRON energy is extracted from naturally occurring electromagnetic energy generated by atomic electrons in permanent magnets. This abundant and clean source of mechanical energy will generate electricity delivered to existing grids. Off the grid units will provide electricity to individual homes and buildings. The electricity will also be used to extract hydrogen from ocean water thereby providing pollution free hydrogen fuel for current combustion engines. The electricity can also be used do distill ocean water making fresh water available where it is scarce. The adoption of this energy requires minimal changes in our current infrastructure.