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 A Clean, Abundant and Natural Source of Electromagnetic Energy for the World.

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​​​​The attraction between permanent magnets with opposite poles facing is converted into repulsion simply by altering their proximity!

​​A Motor Driven Entirely by Permanent Magnets Provides Clean, Abundant and Inexpensive Energy
The most incredible discovery of the century! 
Simultaneous attract and repel between two permanent magnets with opposit​e poles facing produces an attract-repel sequence without reversing polarity and can drive a motor without electricity.


"There is a elephant in the room and nobody sees it." This popular expression certainly applies to the use of permanent magnets as an abundant, clean and inexpensive source of energy. Since 1926 we have known that a vast amount of electromagnetic energy is accessible from electrons in permanent magnets yet the scientific community has done little to exploit this "free" source of energy. Many inventors have tried and failed to extract a significant amount of net energy from permanent magnets. Some scientists unfamiliar with quantum physics ridicule the possibility saying that it would defy the basic laws of thermodynamics.

It is easy to imagine permanent magnets working for us. For example, the attraction between two magnets could drive an electric generator as the magnets pull themselves together. However, to repeat the work done during attraction, the magnets must be pulled apart. The challenge is to pull them apart using less energy than obtained from the magnets when they came together. Otherwise, there is no advantage to having the magnets work for us in this manner.

After decades of research I have discovered a way to make permanent magnets with opposite poles facing, pull themselves together horizontally (equatorial plane) then, without reversing polarity or using another source of energy, the magnets repel themselves vertically (polar plane). Both attract and repel phases can be used to drive an electric generator.  No energy has to be spent pulling the magnets apart. This discovery is irrefutable because it is easily reproduced by almost anyone and with minimal materials. It is easy to imagine how continuous motion of a motor can be produced by magnets that attract and repel in sequence by themselves. See the video for an example. 

One likely reason that this discovery had not been made earlier is that magnets with opposite poles facing are not expected to both attract and repel. It is noted here that the opposite poles facing are (of course) not responsible for repulsion. Seeing two permanent magnets with opposite poles facing produce both attraction and repulsion is breathtaking and allows for the construction of motors driven entirely by the intrinsic electromagnetic energy generated by permanent magnets. These permanent magnet motors can turn electric generators providing inexpensive, clean and "free" energy.



KEDRON energy is extracted from naturally occurring electromagnetic energy generated by atomic electrons in permanent magnets. This abundant and clean source of mechanical energy will generate electricity delivered to existing grids. Off the grid units will provide electricity to individual homes and buildings. The electricity will also be used to extract hydrogen from ocean water thereby providing pollution free hydrogen fuel for current combustion engines. The electricity can also be used do distill ocean water making fresh water available where it is scarce. The adoption of this energy requires minimal changes in our current infrastructure.

​More than 400,000 years ago we discovered fire. In spite of our technological advances, we continue to burn organic material as our primary source of energy. The adverse impact that this has on the environment and life on earth is staggering.