Kenneth C. Kozeka, PhD

Kenneth Kozeka was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 1954. He has been married to Julia Bryant since 1983. 

Like many other inventors, his childhood hobby was taking things apart to learn how they worked. He attended the University of Pittsburgh to earn a bachelor’s degree (1976) in anatomy and physiology, a self-designed major, and a second major in psychology. With a full scholarship, he attended medical school at the same university and earned his Ph.D. (1983) from the School of Medicine, Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology. During graduate medical school he conducted research in fetal muscle and nerve development, published scientific papers, and held a two-year appointment teaching anatomy and histology at the medical school. After graduation, he accepted an academic appointment at the University of Southern California Graduate School of Physical Therapy where he taught human anatomy and kinesiology and conducted clinical research in kinesiology at the Rancho Los Amigos Medical Center. Thereafter, Kenneth served academia as  chief academic officer for divisions of science and the health professions at several community colleges throughout the country. During his academic career he received numerous awards and grants.

Throughout his lifetime, Kenneth pursued his interest in inventing. His inventions include a Mechanical Musculoskeletal Model manufactured by Medical Plastics; TV Goggles; a 3-D Image Generator; and a transdermal reservoir delivery system. Major manufacturers and retailers such as Minami International, Kurt S. Adler, Forte Technologies, Core Enterprises and Consumer Products Group consulted Kenneth for engineering design and product development.

More recently, Kenneth’s interests have expanded to nutrition and the use of plant-based diets in reversing chronic diseases such as cancer and heart disease. He has nearly completed two books on how to switch to a plant-based diet to cure chronic diseases and has been helping the sick with a plant-based diet therapy and guidance from his website

For more than 30 years, he has worked on developing a clean and inexpensive source of energy and recently achieved success with electromagnetic energy from permanent magnets.




 A Clean, Abundant and Natural Source of Electromagnetic Energy for the World.