A Clean, Abundant and Natural Source of Electromagnetic Energy for the World.


Michael Schuckel (engineer)

​Design Engineer with 25 years experience electronic product development, magnet motors and magnetic systems.  

Skills and Experience:

  • Analog and digital circuitry design using ORCAD Schematic Capture.
  • Embedded software using C and Basic Languages for all families of Microchip micro-controllers and digital signal controllers.
  • Embedded software using C and Basic language for numerous types of Atmel micro-controllers.
  • Serial communications (RS232, SPI, I2C, One Wire, Etc.)
  • Data packet protocols for spread spectrum telemetry radios and other spread spectrum radio systems.
  • Prototype circuit construction analysis, and repair.
  •  Gerber file editors. (GC-Prevue 14.4.4, ORCAD Gerber Tool 8.1.1)
  • Magnetic motors and magnetic systems (Parallel Path Magnetic technology motors and systems, reluctance motors and control systems, Brush motor systems).
  • High power transformer design for industrial battery chargers.
  • Brushed and brush-less motor control electronics design.