Our mission is to implement this energy into  the existing infrastructure of industrial nations  as the primary source of energy. This can be done  with minimal modifications. The electricity generated  by power plants can be delivered by existing grids and by independent units off the grid. Electricity​ generated from KEDRON energy can be used to extract hydrogen from ocean water. With minor modifications, the hydrogen can be used in our current combustion engines. Underdeveloped countries can benefit from EMF energy as an affordable source of electricity and hydrogen without having to build expensive infrastructure. 

​This energy can also be used to desalinate and distill water desperately needed for drinking and farming in many regions of the world. KEDRON will form a global partnership of scientists, humanitarians, leaders, engineers and corporations to rapidly develop and implement this new source of clean energy.The benefits of this new technology will not be monopolized by any corporation, government, or country. KEDRON and its partners place the health and welfare of the earth and its inhabitants above profit. Materials used in the manufacture of the magnets and motors will be extracted from the earth with the least possible disruption to the natural environment. This philosophy and charter can be followed without deterring the benefits of healthy competition and the pursuit of profit for KEDRON and its partners.​


 A Clean, Abundant and Natural Source of Electromagnetic Energy for the World.