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Kedron Energy Demonstrates a New Discovery to Produce a Motor Driven by Permanent Magnets Alone

 Abundant and clean electromagnetic energy from permanent magnets to replace fossil fuels, wind, solar and nuclear energy and meet all our energy needs.

 Fairview, Tennessee, October 27, 2017 (PRNewswire) – Dr. Kozeka, President of Kedron Energy discovers a way to make permanent magnets with opposite poles facing generate horizontal attraction followed by vertical repulsion without reversing polarity. His manuscript, recently published in the peer reviewed journal “Natural Science”, clearly demonstrates this discovery and how it can be used to make a motor driven entirely by permanent magnets. The manuscript explains that the repulsion is not generated by the opposite poles that face one another, but instead, from unique interactions between the magnetic fields.

“Magnets with opposite poles facing are not expected to repel which is probably why this discovery had not been made earlier”, says Dr. Kozeka.

The permanent magnet motor will drive an electric generator producing clean, abundant and inexpensive electricity that can be delivered to existing grids or from standalone units. The inexpensive electricity can then be used to extract hydrogen from ocean water. Pollution-free hydrogen can be used in place of gasoline and other fossil fuels in current combustion engines.

“We have been given a second chance”, says Dr. Kozeka. “It is up to us to decide our fate. Will we develop and implement this new technology immediately or will we continue on our path of destruction?”

Kedron Energy, will form a global partnership to rapidly develop and implement this energy technology worldwide.


Kenneth Kozeka, Ph.D., President
Kedron Energy